Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How To: Handmade Valentines

No matter how you feel about Valentines Day, no one can deny that it's nice to get a special card in the mail from someone.  For me Valentines Day is about celebrating everyone I love, not just me and my husband.  I still love making cards, and sending them out to our family and friends, just to let them know that we're thinking about them.  Today I'm going to share my process for creating simple, personalized, handmade Valentines.

Here's a few designs that I'm going to send out this year.

What you'll need for this project:
  • Cardstock: I used white, but you can use any color you like.
  • Items to decorate: I got all my stamps, paper tape, and adhesive trims from Michaels Arts and Crafts, and Paper Source.  I chose to use Martha Stewarts Valentines sets because they all coordinated nicely with each other.  Also the stamp set came with mini stamp pads.
  • Scissors
  • Pens: I used Gelly Roll pens in coordinating colors.
  • Stamp Pens: This is optional.  I already had a set, so if you don't want to use stamp pads, the pens can be used to apply color to your stamps instead, and some also have fine tips for writing.
  • Envelopes
Step One: Take one sheet of card stock and fold it in half.  Cut along the line to create two separate pieces.  Fold one piece in half again to create your card.

Step Two: Choose which paper tape or adhesive strips you'd like to add to your card.  I make them a little bit larger than the card and then I trim the excess that hangs over the edges.  Apply the strips to your card. I like to layer mine in different directions, or in multiples stacked on top of each other.

Step Three: Now it's time to add your stamps.  If you are using a mini ink pad or stamp pens I recommend putting the stamp face up and applying your color.  Make sure it's covered, but don't use too much or it may ruin the crispness of the design.  Situate your stamp carefully just above the surface of the card, then press it down gently and remove.

Step Four: Add a cute message to both the front and inside of your card.  Personalize it as much as you'd like, or write the same thing in each one.  For the inside of this one I added a "Hugs and Kisses" stamp.

Step Five: Once your ink is dry put your adorable handmade card in an envelope and send off to with your loved ones a Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks so much for checking out my Valentines Day how to.  I hope you use it to get creative and make some special notes!

xo ~ Em

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