Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gender Reveal: Scratch-off Cards

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Easy DIY Gender Reveal Announcement Creating Scratch-Off Cards

On Tuesday afternoon, my husband and I went to get our half-way point ultrasound and doctor's appointment. During this appointment, we found out the gender of our baby.

On Wednesday evening, we took our parent's to dinner and gave them scratch-off cards to reveal the gender. We wanted to do something different than what we have seen other couple's do but keep it really casual. We asked our parents to sit around the table, gave them a coin and waited for their response. By the way, we also asked them to wear the color of what they thought the baby would be - they all showed up in blue.

And, it's official. Parent's are always right.

Easy DIY Gender Reveal Announcement Creating Scratch-Off Cards

We are having a healthy baby boy. Our parents are completely ecstatic and so are we. I am going to be surrounded by boys!

Here's how I created the scratch-off cards (which would be good for things besides just gender reveals like homemade coupons, greeting cards or fun games):

What you need:

Easy DIY Gender Reveal
  • White card stock from Paper Source
  • Silver acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby
  • Paint brush from Hobby Lobby
  • Dish soap
  • Sticky backed plastic (clear shipping tape or clear contact paper)

What to do:

Make your design or download this gender announcement listed below.

Print the design onto your white card stock paper.

Take the sticky backed plastic (I used clear shipping table) and apply to the correct area onto the design.

Mix your silver acrylic paint with your dish soap. You need 1 part dish soap to 2 parts paint. Mix well.

Paint the plastic part of the card and then let dry. You might have to do another coat if you can still see through it.

After the card is dry, it's ready!

Then scratch off one to test it!

    I went ahead and created three versions (blank, boy and girl) for you to download.

    Download the blank version here. 


    Download the boy version here.

    Download the girl version here. 

    Check out our pregnancy announcement details here.

    How did you tell your family what the gender of your baby was? Or, how do you plan to tell them?

    Let's be friends:
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    1. Yayyyy!!!!! So happy for you guys--

    2. AWESOME! I thought he would be a little boy :) How fun! I bet Brian is soooo pumped! So happy for you guys!

    3. So clever Ellen! I love the reveal and all the parents showing up in blue. Altogether Ellen-esque.

    4. Replies
      1. I can't wait! I hope it's a little mini-me of my husband.

    5. I want to do this but like a tic-tac-to game. Using several little scratch off spots

    6. LOVE this idea! We find out the sex of our first little one at the end of this month. May just have to do this. Thank you for an awesome idea & tutorial. I know it's late, but congrats on a healthy baby boy :)

      1. You should! The family loved it.

        And, thank you!

    7. Your paint went on so much nicer then mine, when I tried it. Any ticks you can recommend?

      1. I did multiple layers and even let it dried in between. Hope that helps!

    8. I'm gonna try this, I'm abt to find out the sex on Saturday and its a nice way to tell my 4 sisters and my parents for their 1st grand.


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