Monday, December 17, 2012

Farm to Market Bread Co Panettone French Toast

I'm trying out new recipes to use Christmas morning and was graciously provided two holiday breads from Farm to Market Bread Co to use. Farm to Market Bread Co is always in our CSA program from Hen House we participate in the summer so I was very excited to try their holiday breads which include German stollen and Italian panettone. They are only produced once-a-year and are available now!

Farm to Market Bread Company French Toast Recipe

Farm to Market Bread Company French Toast Recipe

 I first used the panettone bread. It combines buttery, lightly sweetened, egg-enriched dough that is studded with dried cranberries, candid orange and topped with toasted almonds. The best part, the bread contains no preservatives.

Farm to Market Bread Company French Toast Recipe

I decided to make french toast using this bread.  In my french toast mixture, I typically use milk, eggs, cinnamon and sugar to coat the bread. Since the bread is already sweet, I did everything the same except omit the sugar. 

Farm to Market Bread Company French Toast Recipe

Ingredients for two servings (five slices):
  1. Slice the bread based on the thickness you desire. I cut a few larger for my husband and thinner pieces for myself.
  2. Break eggs in a shallow bowl and beat with a fork. Add in salt, cinnamon and milk. Stir.
  3. Heat griddle or skillet with butter. Medium-low heat works best.
  4. Lightly soak the bread in the egg mixture. I wanted it to have a light french toast taste and be crunchy. If you want the same, just barely dip the bread into the mixture.
  5. Put the bread slices into the griddle or skillet. Toast until golden brown and flip to the other side.
  6. Add butter, powdered sugar and syrup.
The french toast was amazing! Honestly, it was all because of the bread. The bread had an amazing light texture and the sweetness from the cranberries and oranges made it perfect. Also, the crunch from the almonds and toasting of the bread completed the french toast. It tasted like something you would order at a fancy restaurant. We will definitely be including this in our Christmas morning breakfast.

How do you make your french toast? Have you tried on of the Farm to Market Bread Co's holiday breads before?

Farm to Market Bread Company French Toast Recipe

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Thank you to Farm to Market Bread Co for providing the bread for our recipes. 

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