Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Second Month Loves

Baby must haves
Well, we made it another month! Here's my favorite items for our second month. Check out our first month of favorites here.

We received these as gifts and we love them! They are adorable and keep his little feet so warm in the winter months. 
I always keep one in my diaper bag to use to cover the car seat or wrap him if he is cold. These are so soft and have so many uses.

The smell of this is amazing plus is all natural and organic. It's super gentle and is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

We love our stroller! I was able to use it some outside before our first snow and it's great even indoors (when I go shopping!).

Watson always sleeps in these under his sleep sack and they are great to have to use when you plan on staying at home all day.

 Any bouncer seat is important! W likes to be rocked to sleep for his naps and I can easily bring a bouncer into any room while I do things during the day.
What were your favorite must-have items for the second month?



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  1. I just wanted to say that I love this series you're doing! As a mom-to-be, I can take all the advice I can get :)

    1. Congrats! And, thank you. I am glad you are enjoying the series!


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