Monday, February 4, 2013

Anniversary Gift :: Key Marriage Dates

My parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They met in college, traveled the world in the Army, had my brother and I and now settled down in the mid-west. The only thing left to make their story complete would be grand babies - my brother and I are still working on that!

For their present, I wanted to create something special and meaningful. Their anniversary is two days before Christmas, so I usually save those "fun" gifts for that. I looked on and found a few prints you could customize with key dates. I had to ask my dad for a few of these, but settled on first date, engagement, wedding date, and my brother and I's birthdays. I also ended up just created this on my own in InDesign. Once it was printed at Kinko's, I bought a black frame at Target and the present was complete. They loved it and it helped send them down memory lane during our anniversary dinner for them. My mom hung it up immediately in her bedroom, right by their bed.

What do you think? Might be nice for Valentine's Day too.

Au revoir,

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